An Unexpected Occupant

HauntedThis house is in Middleburg MD, but the family I showed it to was living in NC. The husband came up to find a home by himself, so we took pictures for his wife. He LOVED this house, and when she saw the pictures, she loved it, too!

She flew up to see it in person, and when we went back for a second look, the listing agent was at the house.

She told us that the daughter of the original owner was still lurking around in the house! According to legend, the pink bedroom was the daughter’s, and the people who were living there at the time swore she was still hanging out in her old room.

Freaked us out, needless to say, especially the beds covered with white sheets.Haunted Bedroom

They didn’t buy this one — the wife said she couldn’t handle a haunted house.

Can’t say I blame her!

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