Brushes with the Law!

Honey, we're home?

I was assigned a foreclosure-in-process; a common situation where I get the property to watch until the foreclosure sale happens, then market it for sale.

I went by for my weekly check and to work with the occupants on a move-out date. The bank had authorized me to offer them what is called “Cash for Keys,” a relocation assistance program where they receive money for leaving by a specific date and not destroying the house in the process. They were to be out on a Friday and we had an appointment at 10am to do the exchange.

I got there at 9:45am and saw they were out and there was a lock box on the door. I called the bank to ask them what was going on, but they had no idea and said to “secure” the property ASAP. The occupants, who had moved out on Wednesday and not been back, came but had no idea what was going on either, and their key didn’t work anymore!

I called a locksmith, got the locks changed, cut off the lock box, and installed my lock box with the new keys. I always put a note in the window with my number to call in case of emergency which I did as well.

Later that day I got a call from the police saying that I might be charged with breaking-and-entering and I was not to step foot on that property again! Apparently while we were waiting for the occupants to leave, the house went to tax auction on Thursday, and on the court house steps an investor bought it. He was not pleased that I changed the locks! The foreclosure department had no idea the auction had taken place…what a mess!

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