Divorce Drama!

FSBO, one of us anywayWhen I was managing, we had a gentlemen walk-in and talk to the duty agent about listing his house. He said they were getting a divorce, had to sell, and made a listing appointment for the next day.

When the agent got to the home he met Mrs. Seller who seemed kind of strange or shy, just like something was not right.

Mr. Seller took them to the dining room table where the agent pulled out his listing presentation and said, “I’m sorry for your circumstances and want you to know I work with divorcing couples all the time.”

Mrs. Seller screamed “WHAT, we are getting a divorce”?!? and started to cry and yell.

Needless to say the agent packed up and left in a hurry. He came right back to the office and looked as if he had seen a ghost!

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