Going Batty!

I showed a townhouse in Walkersville close to dusk. When we were done and went outside for one more look around, we saw a bat come out of the roof line. We stood and watched what seemed to be dozens of them to follow.

We went back in (it was empty) and headed upstairs where you could hear scratching and clawing at the exterior wall closest to the exit point.

My buyer was interested in the house so we called Bat Experts to see what could be done about them. As it turned out, they knew about the bats (the owner did not disclose this).

Apparently, they were a protected brown bat species and we couldn’t do anything about them until after their breeding season was over. Then we’d have to capture them alive and release them.

The buyer would have to remove all the insulation, etc. to get rid of the bat guano.

Needless to say she didn’t buy the house!


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