Happy First Day of Spring

March 20 brings the first day of Spring!  We’ve had some crazy weather in Maryland this winter… from days in the 70’s to a late snowstorm in March.  But I think we are finally in the clear and heading for warmer weather!  Everyone wants to be able to enjoy their time outside, but before you sit back and relax, think about checking some of these items off of your spring home maintence list!


Examine your roof shingles.  Some winter storms can cause damage to shingles and sometimes cause you to loose some shingles all together!



Check your gutters!  “April showers bring May flowers” you don’t want the showers to start and your gutters be full!



Check your outside faucets for freeze damage.  You can receive a costly water bill if you aren’t careful!


Service your A/C unit.  Make sure there aren’t any problems before the hot summer days come.  Trust me, summer will be here before you know it!


If you do your own lawn maintenance, make sure your equipment is all in working order.  The grass starts growing fast and you don’t want to be short handed!


Thanks HGTV for these great tips.  Once you knock some of these things off your list you can sit back and relax!


Happy Spring!

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