Happy Fourth of July! Check out our safety tips!

Happy Fourth of July everyone!

What are you plans for the Fourth of July? In Frederick, the main place to see fireworks is at Baker Park, what are your other favorite fireworks shows? Today’s holiday comes with the usual bbq or cookout. But being a summer holiday, there are pool parties thrown and a lot of time spent outdoors.  With pools and the heat outside, not to mention fireworks, I thought it would be a good idea to throw out some friendly reminders to help keep everyone safe this Fourth of July!

We found a great list of friendly reminders here, but thought we would highlight some of them.

  • Don’t drink and drive! There are lot of fun drinks to have this holiday, so please be responsible. Services like UBER and LYFT make it so easy to get home safely.
  • Do not ever try to relight a dud firework.  Maybe it’s not really a dud and is just taking its time to get going.  You don’t want that firework going off in your face!
  • With that said, wear some protection when lighting fireworks. Eye and ear protection are easy to put on and can prevent a lot of injuries.
  • And PLEASE! check your local laws regarding fireworks. They are not legal everywhere, so make sure you aren’t breaking the law.  There are plenty of places to catch a fireworks show for free and usually better than you can put on yourself!Fourth of July
  • The grill is a common cooking method for summer months.  Check out our Memorial Day blog post on grilling safety!
  • Finally Swimming… please please please make sure to watch children.  Drowning is far too common and it happens so quickly. They can get tired without evening knowing it, so even if your child is a strong swimmer, watch them!


The Bailey Group Realtors wishes everyone a happy and safe Fourth of July!

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