Knock, Knock…


I went to Columbia to show houses at 7:30pm. My client was 30 minutes late, so it was pitch dark already when we saw our first house. Two of the houses were on the same street, listed by the same brokerage. By the time we got to the last house, it was nearly 9pm and I couldn’t even see the street signs, let alone the house numbers or lock boxes! It looked like someone was home, which was understandable since we were so late. I knocked hard on the door, multiple times, and rang the doorbell twice. After a few tries, I used the sentry lock auto key and in we went.

We could hear two dogs barking like crazy, and then were unexpectedly met by the seller! He said he didn’t hear us — we entered on the bottom level of this home and he was on the top, two floors away with the TV up pretty loud. He definitely had no idea we were coming! His wife was out of town and he just figured (and we agreed) that she had gotten the showing alert but forgot to tell him. So, he packed up the dogs and we took a tour.

My client fell in love with the house and wanted to write an offer! The next day, when I went to pull up the listing, something was wacky. It took me a few minutes to figure it all out. Get ready for this — we had gone in the WRONG house! This particular home, also on the same street as the other two and also listed by the same brokerage, wasn’t where we were supposed to be! No wonder the owner didn’t know we were coming!!

As luck would have it, this home is out of my client’s budget which is really unfortunate because he loves it!

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