Potted Plants

It’s almost Mother’s Day, which means planting season is in full bloom! Literally!  A simple way to spruce up your outdoor living space or to add some quick and easy curb appeal is to decorate with potted plants.  You can personalize to your style with the pots and flowers and they’re very easy to maintain!

Here are some tips:

  1.  To keep your pots from being too heavy to move, put some packing peanuts in the bottom and then your top soil.  Also saves you some money on soil!
  2. When choosing flowers plant one of each:
    1. Thriller: Something impressive or unique in color, plant in the middle of the pot
    2. Filler: Find a plant billowy and light in color! Use this to hide the stems of your thriller
    3. Spiller: This plant that will literally spill off the edges of your pot!
  3. Make sure you keep your pots watered for best results!

Here are some images to get you dreaming!


What do you think about succulent potted plants, if you want something low maintenance, this is for you!

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