Swimming Pool Care

Swimming Pool Care! Learn the basics!

Learn the basics of swimming pool care!

Some of us own homes that have swimming pools!  And some of us do not know how to take care of them, especially if you are a new pool owner or pay to have a company take care of your pool.  Either way, it is good to learn some of the basics of swimming pool care. Make sure you read more in depth into pool care or consider taking a “pool school” course as this is just the basics!

Choosing the right pool chemicals is important

There are so many pool chemicals to choose from. Make sure you talk to a professional about what is best for your type of pool.

There are two basic parts of pool care – Sanitation and Water Balance

Let’s start with sanitation.  The most common chemical to use is Chlorine and the most common way to introduce this to your pool is chlorine tablets that are placed in the skimmers.  This will help to kill algae and bacteria throughout the pool.

You’ll also need to shock your pool probably about once a week.  Shocking the pool is basically adding large amounts of chlorine to the pool at once. You will also want to shock the pool after large groups of people go swimming.  Say you have a large party and people are in and out of the pool. Imagine how many different lotions, make ups, body oils etc. are now in the pool.  Shock the pool once your party is over to ensure that nothing starts to grow in there!

Test your water on a regular basis to ensure chemicals are balanced

Testing your water is vital to basic swimming pool care.

Next up in swimming pool care is water balance.  There are three main ingredients to keep your water in check – pH, alkalinity and calcium hardness.  You’ll need to test regularly for these to make sure you pool stays at its optimum levels.  The better balanced your water is, the better your sanitation chemicals will work.

It is important to come up with a maintenance plan for you to follow throughout the summer with your pool.  And then adjust it as necessary as you learn more about how your pool runs.


A great website that offers a lot of advice can be found here.  Be safe, learn the basics of swimming pool care and enjoy your pool this summer!

If you are local to the Frederick, MD area, a great company to use is Flamingo Pool Supply!

~The Bailey Group


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