Urns & Coffins


I had a listing in Emmitsburg that was a small farm sitting by itself. The owner died and her family left nearly everything in the house and never looked back. The owner has a brother who lives far away he came to settlement (he was the POA).

At settlement the buyer said what do you want us to do with the Urn? What Urn? The brother said oh, it must be her boyfriend, he died at some point before her and had no family. The buyer said he didn’t want it and was going to toss it out! I drove up to Emmitsburg to get the urn, strapped in my back seat and talked to it on my way to find him a home. I couldn’t let someone’s remains end up in the trash!

I was talking to him, calling him Urnie/Ernie, saying I want to find a respectful place for him to spend eternity and please don’t attach to me or haunt me. I took him to Rest Haven on route 15, where the director told me this is not uncommon in abandoned homes. He said there is a cemetery in Silver Spring that has a wall of unknown Urns and he would send him there.


An associate got a foreclosure listing; it was an older cape cod with eves (storage in the slats of the roof) next to the steps. She opens the door of the eves to see what the storage looks like and finds a coffin! She calls the bank, they say call the police. The police come and open it – thankfully it was only filled with Halloween props and decorations!

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