Wait, that’s not my lot!!

I was just talking to a colleague that had a very interesting adventure!

An agent was just about to close on the first land deal of their career. At the settlement table, the buyers are handed the survey plat. Well, Mr. Buyer looks at it and says, “I don’t recall being told about an easement at the back of the property.” He takes a closer look and says, “this is NOT the lot I’m buying!”

His Agent had taken him to a different parcel in the same subdivision! The Agent didn’t think to get a copy of the plat ahead of time, but since the property boundaries were marked clearly the buyer wasn’t that concerned. Guess he should have been because he was about to buy the wrong parcel!

At least since it was part of the same subdivision it was simply a matter of some paper work and a day or two to correct what could have been a terrible and costly mistake!


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